Role: Direction, Illustration, Animation 

The Association for the Prevention of Torture commissioned an animation to explains how safeguards, in the first hours of police custody, can prevent torture and ill-treatment. Supporting the APT's work, this animated piece would also be used to convince States of the need for a universal protocol based on non-coercive interviews. I think the main challenge I faced was to keep the piece suggestive, also neutral in terms of locations and characters, to not point fingers at any specific country. 



Storyboard & Process


Agency: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Peter Larkin
Producer: Alex Parvin
Writer: Rowena Wyles
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Character Design: Jade Evans
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Jade Evans, Giulia Bavagnoli
Sound Design: Serafima Serafimova 
Voice Over Artist: Susan Rice

Director: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Producer: Segolene Meheust
Writer: Matthew Harmer
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Luke Marsh

Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks
Voice Over Artist: Ingrid Lacey

Selected Works

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Pitch GraveyardStyleframes

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