Ben & Jerry's - Join Our Core

Role: Design, Animation 

 Ben and Jerry's Join Our Core initiative wanted to create a short animation, to explain why they are looking for social entrepreneurs that share the same passion, values and drive as they do. The animation follows Ben and Jerry's story around their first Cookie Dough product, and how they took pride about having integrity and wanting to make a positive impact through business.


Storyboard & Process


Made at: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Producer: Verity Cowper
Design & Animation: Luke MarshGuillaume Le Roux
Additional Animation: Reimo Oun
Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks

Director: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Producer: Segolene Meheust
Writer: Matthew Harmer
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Luke Marsh

Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks
Voice Over Artist: Ingrid Lacey

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