Pepsico - Food for Good Initiative

Role: Direction, Illustration, Animation 

In the US, one in five children struggles with hunger, because of a lack of access to affordable nutritious food. Some employees at Pepsico decided to start the Food for Good Initiative, to increase access to nutritious food for US families in need. This animation was commissioned to introduce this initiative and its mission. The overall idea was to show the link between children's imagination, creativity and nutritious food that is necessary to fuels their dreams.


(Character Design: Jade Evans)

Storyboard & Process


Client: Pepsico Food For Good
Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Christopher Fiorello
Producer: Sierra Norman
Direction & Design: Guillaume Le Roux, Jade Evans
Character Design: Jade Evans
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Jade Evans, Giulia Bavagnoli
Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Network 

Director: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Producer: Segolene Meheust
Writer: Matthew Harmer
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Luke Marsh

Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks
Voice Over Artist: Ingrid Lacey

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