Role:  Compositing, Grade

Produced by: Passion Pictures

I had the pleasure to work with Passion Pictures and Director Mads Broni, on Wagamama's latest anime ad, "From Soul to Bowl". I worked as Compositor on this one, integrating all the amazing background and animation elements created by the team, bringing everything together for the final piece!



Client: Wagamama UK
Agency: MullenLowe Group
Produced by: Passion Pictures
Director: Mads Broni
2D Lead: Jonghyun Jung
Character Designer: Lap Pun Cheung
Animatic: Kim Nguyen
Concept Artists: Surendra Rajawat, Sylvain Sarrailh, Roberto Gatto, Debbie Tsoi, Yinfaowei Harrison, Dan Lambert, Samuel Klughertz
2D Animator: Jonghyun Jung, Frank .P.Lee, Matoko, Takahiro, Ines Scheiber, Ugo Offner 
FX animator: Ines Scheiber, Michiru Baudet
3D: Nikki Starostka
Compositing: Guillaume Le Roux, Mads Broni
Music Company: Thirty Two music
Sound Design: Wave

Director: Nice and Serious
Creative Director: Tom Tapper
Producer: Segolene Meheust
Writer: Matthew Harmer
Art Direction & Illustration: Guillaume Le Roux
Animation: Guillaume Le Roux, Luke Marsh

Sound Design & Music: Serafima Serafimova / Audio Networks
Voice Over Artist: Ingrid Lacey

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